Efficiency of nitrogen usage in maize cultivars for grain production


  • Cassiana Felipe de Sousa
  • Leilson Costa Grangeiro UFERSA
  • Valdivia de Fátima Lima Sousa
  • Jader Vieira Carneiro
  • Gardenia Silvana Oliveira Rodrigues




Maize plays an important role in the economy and the social and cultural development of several regions in Brazil. However, its productivity is considered low, since the management of nitrogen fertilization and the selection of efficient cultivars in using nitrogen are the main factors responsible for the low productivity of this crop. This study had the purpose to evaluate the efficiency of nitrogen usage in maize cultivars for the production of grains. The experiment was conducted at the vegetable garden of the Departamento de Ciências Vegetais da Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Árido, in the municipality of Mossoró - Rio Grande do Norte state, Brazil. Treatments consisted in the combination of two nitrogen doses (0 and 90 kg N ha-1) and three maize cultivars (Cruzeta, Truck and AG 1051). The randomized complete block experimental design was used, in a 2 x 3 factorial arrangement, with five replications. The most productive performance among the evaluated cultivars was observed when they were fertilized with nitrogen. Based on the values from nutritional indices, cultivar AG 1051 was more efficient in using nitrogen to produce grains.



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SOUSA, C. F. de; GRANGEIRO, L. C.; SOUSA, V. de F. L.; CARNEIRO, J. V.; RODRIGUES, G. S. O. Efficiency of nitrogen usage in maize cultivars for grain production. Científica, Dracena, SP, v. 48, n. 2, p. 128–132, 2020. DOI: 10.15361/1984-5529.2020v48n2p128-132. Disponível em: https://cientifica.dracena.unesp.br/index.php/cientifica/article/view/1314. Acesso em: 3 out. 2023.



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