Variance components and association between corn hybrids morpho-agronomic characters


  • Velci Queiróz de Souza
  • Diego Baretta
  • Maicon Nardino
  • Ivan Ricardo Carvalho
  • Diego Nicolau Follmann
  • Valmor Antônio Konflanz
  • Denise Schmidt



The present work aimed at evaluating the canonical correlations between traits of grain yield and morphological traits in maize, in order to verify the associations and interdependence among groups. The experiment was conducted in the agricultural year 2010/2011; consisted of 25 corn hybrids, allocated in five locations of the  states of  Paraná, Santa Catarina e Rio Grande do Sul. Settled two groups of traits, with Group I comprised agronomic characters of grain yield: grain yield plot, the total weight of grains and weight of hundred grains and the group II formed by morphology: stem diameter , leaf angle , tassel length , number of tassel branches , total leaf area , insertion of the ear , plant height  in maize. The first, second and third canonical pair proved signifi­cant at the 1% level of probability, using the chi-square test, indicating that the groups are not independent. Hybrids with higher plant height, insertion of ear and leaf angle and fewer branches and tassel length are asso­ciated with the increase in weight of hundred grains in maize. To increase the grain weight, should be consid­ered hybrids with greater insertion of the ear, leaf area and shorter length of the tassel. The increase in leaf area, as well as smaller tassel length is related positively to increase grain yield in maize.

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Maicon Nardino

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